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          Shanghai international wire products and equipment exhibition 2017

          Sponsor: China Metallurgical Society, all metallurgical chamber of Commerce, China Bao Wu Iron & Steel Group Co., Ltd.

          China Steel Structure Association, wire products industry branch, Shanghai Metal Institute

          Support unit: EUnited-, European Metallurgical Equipment Association, VDMA-, German Federation of machinery and equipment manufacturers

          Undertaker: Shanghai Shi Shi Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

          About WIRE 2017

          2017 the fourth Shanghai international wire products and equipment exhibition will be held November 2017 20-22, held in Shanghai, held the nineteenth session of the Shanghai international metallurgy industry exhibition, the 500 wire and related enterprises to bring the latest products and technology in WIRE 2017, it is expected that the exhibition area of 35000 square meters, will receive more than 25000 visitors to visit negotiate.

          Shanghai international wire products and equipment exhibition, is one of the world's four largest exhibition wire at present, has been established since 2011, held every two years; by Chinese Institute of metals, Chinese Steel Structure Association wire products industry branch (the only domestic wire products industry organization), sponsored by Shanghai Shenshi Exhibition Service Co. Ltd (domestic iron and steel metallurgy the exhibition organizers hosted the best industry); WIRE is committed to helping wire products and equipment on the downstream enterprises to establish a new procurement and supply channels, audience share resources, meet one-stop procurement requirements. It is an important platform for the industry to master the latest technology information of the industry.

          Why exhibitors?

          This huge market buyers: Shanghai economic circle and the Yangtze River Delta of China's most concentrated intensive wire products industry users

          This authoritative organizer: the only domestic wire products association, Chinese Steel Structure Association wire products industry association

          This high quality communication platform: bringing together the latest market information, has advanced technology and products to meet high quality customers at home and abroad

          This high-end conference: ten games earlier meeting forum to discuss the development of the industry, market demand, cooperation and win-win

          Audience promotion

          When the call center team by telephone to 85000 professional audience invitation in the database

          No more than 50000 invitations delivered directly to the enterprise procurement policy makers

          This monthly e-newsletter pass on the latest news, to attract buyers to

          I arrived at the scene before the exhibition and promotion of SMS reminder

          All sectors of the mainstream media coverage ads

          This special invitation application has the right to decide purchasing VIP buyers

          The audience concerns the industry

          With the help of the global scope of highly targeted marketing activities, WIRE2017 will usher in the following areas of professional audience, buyers and purchasing groups: mining, metallurgy, nonferrous metals, machinery, shipbuilding, petroleum, fishery, forestry, drilling, cable, telecommunications, railways, highways, ports, aviation, aerospace, automotive, electronics, elevator etc..

          Exhibition and purchasing scope

          This line, bar: stainless steel bar, high-quality carbon steel wire rod, steel wire rope wire, stainless steel wire rod, carbon welding wire rod, screw rod, piano wire and wire rod, line etc.;

          After the steel wire cables, cable wire, stainless steel wire, stainless steel wire (steel fiber), bearing steel wire, cold heading steel wire, steel wire, wire, piano wire spring steel wire, galvanized steel wire, galvanized steel wire, special-shaped - Aluminum Alloy steel wire, aluminum clad steel wire, steel wire, steel wire, umbrella spokes smooth steel wire, galvanized steel wire electro galvanized steel wire, hose wire, steel cord, bead bead wire, steel wire, steel strand; PC PC, PC etc.;

          After the wire rope, wire rope, wire rope: mine lift wire rope, wire rope, wire rope, air shovel fishing wire rope, wire rope, lifting drilling wire rope, wire rope, rope, tape coated stainless steel wire rope, galvanized steel, zinc coated steel wire strand Aluminum Alloy, aluminum clad steel wire; spring, fasteners, screws, metal mesh;

          All mechanical equipment: wire rod mill, heat treatment equipment, wire drawing equipment, coating equipment, cooling equipment, cleaning equipment, bending machine, cutting machine, ultrasonic cleaning equipment, pressure machines, rope equipment (double twisting machine, twisting machine, rope machine etc.), lubricants, welding equipment, detection equipment etc..

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          Our Advantage

          ANPING HAOTONG WIRE MESH CO., LTD: We can supply all kinds of products including stainless steel wire, stainless steel fiber for thread twisting, stainless steel wire mesh, welded wire mesh, crimped mesh, hexagonal wire mesh, safety wire mesh, fence wire mesh, window screening, shield wire mesh, punching wire mesh, rail wire mesh, square wire mesh, and filter equipment.

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