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          Stainless steel knitted wire mesh

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          Stainless steel knitted wire mesh


          Materials: Stainless steel wire304, 304L, 316, 316L

          also use copper wire. brass wire. galvanizes wire. nickel wire.alloy wire etc.


          ·         Corrosion and rust resistance

          ·         Acid and alkali resistance.

          ·         High temperature resistance.

          ·         Soft and won't hurt the its mechanical property.

          ·         Durable and long life.

          ·         Good shielding performance

          ·         High filtration efficiency.

          ·         Excellent cleaning capacity.


          ·         as liquid-gas filtration materials in various fields of industries.

          ·         as engine breathers in the vehicles.

          ·         as shielding mesh in the electronics

          ·         eliminate the mist

          *specification can be produced as per requirements.

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          Our Advantage

          ANPING HAOTONG WIRE MESH CO., LTD: We can supply all kinds of products including stainless steel wire, stainless steel fiber for thread twisting, stainless steel wire mesh, welded wire mesh, crimped mesh, hexagonal wire mesh, safety wire mesh, fence wire mesh, window screening, shield wire mesh, punching wire mesh, rail wire mesh, square wire mesh, and filter equipment.

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