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          stainless steel wire mesh filter elements

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          stainless steel wire mesh filter elements

          Material: Stainless steel wire mesh, sintered fiber etc.


          ·         Metal construction.

          ·         High pressure and temperature resistance.

          ·         Great flow area and high precision filter rate.

          ·         High permeability.

          ·         High dirt-holding capacity.

          ·         Safe, reliable.

          ·         Anti-corrosion, anti-aging.

          ·         Easy to install.

          ·         Low cost operation and maintenance costs.

          ·         Environment friendly.

          ·         Washable to reuse.

          ·         Long working life.

          ·         Other filter element and size customization.



          ·         Steam Filtration, de-dusting.

          ·         Water Filtration, oil filtration, food and beverage filtration, chemical filtration.

          ·         Oxidizing liquid filtration.

          ·         Strong polar solvent filtration.

          ·         Decarburization filtration.

          ·         Viscous liquid filter.

          ·         Corrosive liquid filtration.

          ·         Liquid and gas filtration at high temperature and pressure condition.

          ·         Solid catalyst recovery.

          * Pleat filter element, Cylindrical filter element, Wedge wire filter element, Sintered powder filter element

          * Its specification can be produced according to requirement.


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